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F.d. Internet-spekulanten Alexander Vik odlar vin i Chile

New York Times har varit och hälsat på f.d. Internet-spekulanten Alexander Vik, en norsk-svensk mångmiljonär som numera driver hotel i Uruguay och en vingård i Chile, Viña Vik.

"With the deep pockets of Alex Vik, a Norwegian Internet entrepreneur, behind the venture, the hope is that the project will bring the label — and its mostly unknown valley — some much-deserved recognition," rapporterar New York Times' i Among the Vines in Chile, Villas and Views.
"Mr. Vik already has two well-received hotels in Uruguay — the Playa Vik in José Ignacio and the 4,000-acre Estancia Vik, five miles inland — but the Chilean project is on a grander scale, and a more ambitious mission. Mr. Vik and Mr. Valette, a Chilean-born and Bordeaux-bred winemaker, want to create something new and unusual. “We took into account things like the extraordinary sunlight here, which grapes like carménère thrive in but don’t get enough of in France,” Mr. Valette said.
His approach has been a meticulous one, having mapped a 1,000-acre area made up of countless microclimates by analyzing 4,000 different soil wells.
Den som vill veta mer om Alexander Vik och hans väg till Sydamerika kan läsa mina rapporter för Dagens IT och Realtid.

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